Sistema Virtual de ELE
SFL Virtual System (Live Classes)

The SFL Virtual System works together live classes with the best methodology applied to the use of  ICTs:

  • Classes are live, with schedules and duration adapted to each group and situation.
  • Academic contents reproduce the curricular design of the face-to-face courses.
  • Groups maintain a small number of students with the same level of Spanish.
  • Necessary interaction between students and student-teacher is emphasized with the interactive and multi-screen class system.
  • Same speed, intensity and demand as a face-to-face classes.
  • Virtual System reinforces the continuous supervision and training of our teachers: experts in teaching Spanish with a recognized professional career.


Once the course has been completed, the University of Alcalá will certify the same ECTS credits applied to face-to-face courses.

These courses may be designed for students and groups who need to study Spanish at home and those who require specific language training.

Tipo: Language (SFL Virtual System)
Horas Créditos ECTS Precio
Annual SFLVS 480.00 48.00 €3,360.00
Quarterly SFLVS 160.00 16.00 €1,200.00
Intensive SFLVS 80.00 8.00 €680.00
Tipo: Language and Culture (SFL Virtual System)
Horas Créditos ECTS Precio
Annual SFLVS 600.00 60.00 €4,200.00
Quarterly SFLVS 200.00 20.00 €1,500.00
Intensive SFLVS 100.00 10.00 €850.00

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Attention to the face-to-face public is suspended. Those interested in contacting our center must do so by telephone or telematic means.