Examen CCSE
CCSE test

Due to the measures taken to avoid the spread of the Covid-19, the CCSE examinations will depend on the decisions taken by the competent authorities and the Cervantes Institute. More information.


The Test of Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge of Spain (CCSE test) assesses the knowledge of the Constitution and the Spanish social and cultural reality.


Through the website of the Cervantes Institute.


Exam: January
Exam City Level Price
January Alcalá de Henares CCSE €85.00
January Guadalajara CCSE €85.00
Exam: February
Exam City Level Price
February Alcalá de Henares CCSE €85.00
February Guadalajara CCSE €85.00
Exam: March
Exam City Level Price
March Alcalá de Henares CCSE €85.00
March Guadalajara CCSE €85.00
Exam: April
Exam City Level Price
April Alcalá de Henares CCSE €85.00
April Guadalajara CCSE €85.00
Exam: May
Exam City Level Price
May Alcalá de Henares CCSE €85.00
May Guadalajara CCSE €85.00
Exam: June
Exam City Level Price
June Alcalá de Henares CCSE €85.00
June Guadalajara CCSE €85.00
Exam: July
Exam City Level Price
July Alcalá de Henares CCSE €85.00
Exam: September
Exam City Level Price
September Alcalá de Henares CCSE €85.00
September Guadalajara CCSE €85.00
Exam: October
Exam City Level Price
October Alcalá de Henares CCSE €85.00
October Guadalajara CCSE €85.00
Exam: November
Exam City Level Price
November Alcalá de Henares CCSE €85.00
November Guadalajara CCSE €85.00

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